Eppley is a diverse Caribbean investment company

Focused on credit, mezzanine, real estate and infrastructure

Track record of delivering attractive risk adjusted returns for our investors.

Eppley is domiciled in Jamaica, listed on the Jamaica Stock Exchange, and invests throughout the Caribbean and Central America. We invest on our own account and also in our managed investment vehicles.

Eppley Limited
Eppley is a growing, diverse Caribbean Investment Company that has a long track record of producing high and consistent returns for our shareholders.
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Caribbean Mezzanine Fund II
The Caribbean Mezzanine Fund II is our credit and mezzanine investment vehicle co-managed by Eppley and NCB Capital Markets.
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Eppley Caribbean Property Fund
The Eppley Caribbean Property Fund – Value (CPFV) is the largest listed real estate mutual fund in the Caribbean, with landmark commercial properties in Jamaica, Barbados and Trinidad and Tobago
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Capital Infrastructure Group

Capital Infrastructure Group, or CIG, was formed by Eppley and Jamaica Producers Group Limited to invest in infrastructure projects across the Caribbean.

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Founded in 1973 and listed on the Jamaica Stock Exchange since 2013.

We are value investors. We use the same fundamental bottoms-up approach to evaluate all opportunities. In every investment decision we answer the same basic question: does the potential return outweigh the risk of loss with an adequate margin of safety.

Our investment strategy is focused on private markets where capital is scarce. Our strengths are originating, negotiating opportunities, structuring and financing transactions. This has led us to pioneer global investment strategies in credit, mezzanine, real estate and infrastructure here in the Caribbean.